A start-up is something that offers something new to the customer. It adds value to what the customer receives. Thus, Surkshit APJ correctly identified the pain points and
developed the following innovations:

1. Safety Measures : Any company’s responsibility to ensure worker safety is crucial. It entails providing a work environment in which employees may carry out their
responsibilities without being exposed to unnecessary risks or dangers that could impair their health or well-being. Prioritising employee safety benefits not only the employees
but also increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, and fosters a healthy company culture. Many event management firms have been reported to disregard the safety of their
workers, but we at Surkshit APJ ensure that our staff who are working for the event are wearing harnesses and other safety equipment to prevent them from injury.
2. Sanitization : Sanitization is critical, especially in light of the continuing COVID-19 epidemic or other dangerous diseases. It entails following stringent cleaning and
disinfection standards to ensure a sanitary and safe working environment for our personnel and visitors during the event. Our dedication to sanitization aids in the prevention of
infection and fosters a sense of trust and well-being among our employees.

3. Sustainable Resource Management : Effective waste management is crucial for organisations to decrease their environmental impact, comply with legislation, and promote
sustainability. Proper waste management entails the correct treatment, disposal, and recycling of rubbish generated by the company’s operations. Surkshit APJ takes all
essential efforts to properly treat garbage created after any event. We try to convert garbage into compost wherever possible. Thus, making us a sustainable and environment
friendly start-up.

4. Use of Biodegradable Material : Using biodegradable products is a positive step towards environmental sustainability. In our Banners me make sure that we use maximum
natural colours so as to reduce our environmental impact. Biodegradable products are designed to break down naturally into harmless substances over time, reducing their
impact on the environment compared to traditional non-biodegradable materials. We found that many event management companies are making use of synthetic banners and
hoardings which is made up of Non Biodegradable polymers. We at Surkshit APJ are making use of Bio Degradable Banners and hoardings which is helping us to foster care
for our environment.

5. Innovation and technology : With an unwavering dedication to progress, we persistently improve our services, emphasizing guest experience. The integration of water
sprinklers in open tents and meticulously designed Swiss cottages showcases our commitment to luxurious comfort. These enhancements reflect our passion for creating
memorable experiences for our esteemed clientele.

6. In Medical Spectrum : Within our medical sector, we firmly acknowledge the imperative of absolute precision, fueling our unwavering dedication to bestow unparalleled
services upon our esteemed clientele. Upholding this paramount standard, we channel meticulous care and unwavering focus into every facet of our provision. Pioneering
preventative measures, including a vigilant pursuit to prevent oxygen leakages, epitomizes our resolute commitment to ensuring the utmost safety and efficacy across our
operational spectrum.